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If you experience any issues during your exam or have any questions regarding your exam, it is important that you send an email immediately only to lawexam@fiu.eduDO NOT email your professor and or any other staff member or administrator (see paragraph 6 below). 


Information for Final Exams

1.        The Spring 2021 exam schedule is available at Please contact Ada Rueda-Wright if you have any questions regarding a potential exam conflict.

2.        All exams will be administered within at least a 48-hour window. Some exams will be open for the entire time (or more) and some will be time-limited within that 48-hour window. The minimum 48-hour window will start at 9:00am on the scheduled exam date. Your professor will advise you on the time allotted for the exam (e.g., 2 hours, 3 hours, etc.). For exams given on Canvas or TWEN, you may self-select the time within the 48-hour window to begin your exam. Once you begin that exam on Canvas or TWEN, the allotted time will run continuously. You will not be able to save and exit and return to the exam. You are responsible for completing the exam in the time allotted. You must be sure to allocate enough time within the 48-hour window to complete the timed exam and to manage carefully the time allotted within your 48-hour exam window. Do not wait until the last minute to start working on your exams.  Be sure to allow sufficient time to complete your exams in case you experience technology issues.

Your professor may, however, give you a take-home exam with a period for longer than 48 hours; your professor will provide you with specific information regarding any such longer exam.

3.     If you are taking an essay exam, you should write the answer on Microsoft Word and SAVE a copy of your draft early on and continue to save regularly. You may wish to use the latest (and updated) free copy of Microsoft Office that FIU provides to all its students. If you are taking the essay exam on Canvas, depending on your professor’s instructions, you will either cut and paste the essay answer into the submission textbox or upload the answer as a Word document. If you are taking an essay exam on TWEN, you will upload or submit the essay answer as a Word document (you should NOT answer your essay directly in the textbox in TWEN).

4.     You must have internet to complete your exams. Before you take your exam, you should ensure you have access to the relevant platforms for your exams (e.g., Canvas, TWEN, Honorlock), as appropriate. Make sure you have the most current version of your preferred browser. You should note that Canvas does not support Internet Explorer. For exams administered on TWEN, your professor may include a link to TWEN in your Canvas course, rather than requiring you to log on to TWEN directly. Canvas support is available at and the 24/7 Canvas support can be reached at 305-348-3630. A TWEN Student Guide is available here and the 24/7 TWEN support can be reached at 800-486-4876.

5.     If you are taking an exam on Canvas with Honorlock, you should access Honorlock ahead of the exam (perhaps no later than the day before your exam). You must also have a working webcam if your exam is being proctored with Honorlock. You will not be charged the Honorlock fee for Spring 2021 exams. The Honorlock Student Guide with instructions on accessing Honorlock and reaching Honorlock support are available here.

6.     If you experience a computer or other problem while completing an exam, or if you have any questions regarding your exam, do not panic! Immediately send an email ONLY to, no matter what time of day or night. Please include in your email the course name and your professor’s name. Your email will be directed to the COL Registrar’s Office, to the COL IT, and to the COL Office of Student Services. The problem will be evaluated and addressed as soon as possible, which may be the next business day. You may also contact Canvas or TWEN support, as appropriate. We will individually address any issues, and you will be given the appropriate time to finish your exam. Send an email immediately only to Do not email your professor or any other staff member or administrator

If the internet goes out, in both Canvas and TWEN, exam answers are automatically saved as you work on the exam. If you lose internet access and the exam timer runs out before you regain internet access, the exam does end (with any answers auto-saved). If you can get back on the internet while time is still running on your exam, you may be able to continue with the exam. In a pinch, you may be able to access the internet through your cellphone and pair your personal hotspot with your computer. Alternatively, in both Canvas and TWEN, you may be able to log on through your cell phone and continue taking the exam on your cellphone (although probably not ideal). Nevertheless, if your internet does go out, remember to immediately send an email ONLY to

7.     You must comply with your professor’s instructions and with the FIU Student Conduct and Honor Code. Your professor will provide instructions prior to your exam. Your exam will be graded anonymously. You must not identify yourself on the exam either by name or other identifying information other than by the anonymous grading number. If your exam is given on TWEN, you are responsible for knowing your anonymous grading number assigned by PantherSoft. If your exam is given on Canvas, you will not need to enter your PantherSoft anonymous grading number as Canvas will assign a grading number for your particular exam. However, for an essay exam on Canvas, your professor may require you to include your PantherSoft anonymous grading number in your essay answer. By submitting your exam, you acknowledge and affirm that you are the student enrolled in the course, you have neither given nor received any unauthorized assistance in completing the exam, you have used only materials permitted by your professor, you have complied with all written examination instructions provided to you, and you have not copied or shared, in any manner, the exam or any portion of the exam.

8.     You may not discuss the exam with anyone, except a member of the COL administration (e.g., Dean Antony Page, Dean Angelique Ortega Fridman, Ada Rueda-Wright) until grades are released. 

9.     Exams will be graded pursuant to the COL grading policies found at

Good luck on your exams!

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