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Dear FIU Law Student,

Thank you for contacting FIU Law Library. 

As overview, please note that where you are seeing submission guidelines is taken from FIU Law Library's Faculty Publishing guide. This is an important distinction as law faculty have publishing support privileges that are different than those offered to students. Based on your request, we will work on a corresponding Student Publishing guide to be included as part of our other Student Services and guides.

However, time is of the essence, so we will work with what we have for the moment.

ExpressO and Scholastica are the two main portals through which journals accept submissions. When you review the information regarding submission processes through our Faculty Publishing guide, you can simply ignore the part where you register with ExpressO and Scholastica as a faculty member. Specifically, you can review the ExpressO Law Review Submissions Guide 2015-16 and Scholastica Author Guide for more information. All of this information and links is provided in one place in the Faculty Publishing guide, and as already stated, FIU Law Library will work on creating a corresponding student version of the guide. Those systems will prompt you to register as an author, create a profile, upload your works and then pay for submitting each work. If memory serves, ExpressO charges $5.00 per submission. I cannot currently remember what Scholastica charges.

You can see this preferred submission method process via the Publication Cycles & Submissions page and handy table provided by the University of Missouri at Kansas City - School of Law. Essentially, the table provides the submission method by law review. Some law reviews only accept submissions through ExpressO or Scholastica. Some law reviews accept submissions through the review's internal website. Some law reviews accept submissions the "old fashioned way" through email or USPS. It depends. The table provides useful information in that regard.

I hope this answers your question fully. 

Thank you for contacting FIU Law Library.



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